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Estonel Laboratories were established with a target of healthy beautification by the way of improving themselves in the sector of medical and dermacosmetic products for long years through using the experience and knowledge they have gained.

Founded for this purpose, Estonel Laboratories meticulously collected the miraculous effects of the herbs used by humans for centuries together with the use of state-of-the-art technology applications in light of science.

Eva Marée Lip Maximizer In this way, they provide efficient and long-term natural solutions for concerns regarding aesthetics and beauty that can cause psychological disorders in women. The efficacy and safety of the special products developed with their innovative R&D projects that directs the developments in the world have been confirmed by the clinical and dermatological tests performed by the scientific research institutions in France and Tunisia.

Providing innovative products and health and beauty all together, Estonel Laboratories with their leading experts in R&D staff, create new trends by using the state-of-the-art technology in dermacosmetic sector, and always aim for being better, different and innovative among the leading brands in the sector by their customer oriented style performed with continuous consumer research.

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