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Eva Marée Lip Maximizer is a product which has Lonosome technology as an ingredient that was developed specially for making the lips look fuller, smoother and firmer by nourishing the congenitally thin and vague lips, and also the lips that become thinner and wrinkled because of aging.

Image DescriptionThe magnificent combination of herbal proteins and amino acids with Lonosome technology and natural high bioferment active that is achieved by the innovative LipoFillingComplex3 that is the ingredient of Eva Marée Lip Maximizer penetrates quickly to the lowermost layer of lip skin. Nourishes adipose tissue which is one of the factors that identifies lip volume. Thus by lifting the lips from inside to outside, helps lips to look fuller, firmer and smoother while also highlighting the lip contours.


High technological actives in the content of innovative LipoFillingComplex3 with a herbal- derived patent show their effect by penetrating as far as the lowermost of skin that is the subcutaneous fatty layer.

AdipoFiller Active; It is the natural high bioferment active. It nourishes adiposity tissue which is one of the factors that establishes the lip volume and provides fuller looking lips.Image Description

Basic Cell Boost - Factor; Proteins derived from green algae; minerals, flavonoids and proteins derived from vegetable strengthen the cell bond and provide the mechanical stability of skin. Thus, it prevents loss of elasticity by helping tissues to be tighter and lip surface to look smoother.

Amino&Lonosome Complex; It is a natural amino acid encapsulated in lonosome and obtained from the vegetable by biotechnology methods. Thus, while nourishing the adipose tissue and providing a fuller look, it also helps lip contours to look more apparent.

!!! The infusion of these unique substances penetrates to the lowest layer of the lip skin nourishing adiposity tissue and what helps lips to look fuller, firmer, smoother and more apparent.

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