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Eva Marée with its natural amino acid encapsulated in Lonosome and AdipoFill active nourishes the adipose tissue which is present in lip structure and is one of the factors determining lip volume. Therefore, it ensures that the lips look fuller and lip contours more distinct.

Lip Maximizer'in FaydalarıIt strengthens the cellular connections thanks to its herbal minerals, flavanoids, and proteins. Therefore, it prevents elasticity loss by helping to tighten the tissues and make the lip surface look smooth.

It helps elimination of the negative effects of free radicals in the cell life cycle by high antioxidant properties of vitamin E and xanthones which are in the ingredients.

It helps the lips to be moisturized for a long period, and by increasing the level of moisture lessens the transepidermal dehydration.



AMINO&LONOSOME COMPLEX; It is a natural amino acid derived from the herbs by biotechnological methods and capsulated in Lonosome. Thus, it fully penetrates through the skin by reaching the targeted area in the hypodermis and nourishes the adiposity tissue by providing a fuller appearance and highlighting the lip contours as well.Amino Lonosome Complex



DICTYOPTERIS MEMBRANACEA EXTRACT; It is an ocean plant of tropical regions. Because of natural, massive bio ferment active in its content, the Algae oil stimulates the three essential proteins, and therefore helps the adipose tissue to be nourished.Dictyopteris Membranacea Extract



GARCINIA MANGOSTANA PEEL EXTRACT; The fruit of tropical Mangosteen tree is revered in Asia as the “Queen of Fruits”. Active in the content is extracted from the skin of the fruit (pericarp) by means of a patented procedure. Thanks to its high antioxidant properties, it allows to eliminate the negative effects of free radicals in the life cycle of cell. The pericarp extract from the fruit of the Mangosteen contains a unique composition of xanthones, flavonoids and alkaloids which increase the skin's capacity to store lipids. It also has anti- inflammatory effects.Garcinia Mangostana Peel Extract

The stimulation of the formation and storage of additional fat reserves leads to an increase in the volume of the lips.


QUINCE – HYDROGEL; High content of polysaccharides, vitamins, and minerals, as a fruit. Highly concentrated Quince- Hydrogel is extracted from the seeds of the fruit using gentle extraction process. Quince-Hydrogel creates a hydrogel-polymer-reticulum through the synergistic effect of structural components of other actives, so that it provides a quick physical effect, and ultimately balancing the ectoderm, making the outer skin look firmer and smoother.Quince-Hydrogel


Quince hydrogel with its film-forming and fixing properties aids the ‘’supportive’’ function of this area of skin by improving the skin elasticity.

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