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Eva Marée Lip Maximizer Eva Marée Lip Maximizer, is a product with Lonosome technology that makes the lips look fuller, firmer and smoother and makes the lip contours clearer than expected by exerting effects on both congenitally thin and indistinct lips and tissues thinned and wrinkled due to aging.

In addition to this powerful effect, it makes the lip contours clear more than expected.

Spectacular combination of natural LipoFillingcomplex3 active substance in Eva Marée Lip Maximizer and Lonosome technology exerts its effect by rapidly diffusing in the lowermost layer of lip skin, hypodermis. It nourishes the adipose tissue which is one of the determining factors of lip volume, and lifts the lips internally and provides a natural fullness.

Eva Marée Lip Maximizer Approved by French scientists, herbal, lip plumper Eva Marée Lip Maximizer, with the unbelievable power of science and plants, provides technology and innovation together.

Therefore, it is a scientific product that offers long-term and natural solutions for the esthetic and beauty concerns in women.

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